Company Rules

KIK IMAGES (SMC-Private) Limited

Maintain absolute integrity at all times.
Maintain absolute devotion to duty at all times.
Those holding responsible posts will maintain independence and impartiality in the discharge of his duties.
Render prompt and courteous service to the public.
Observe proper decorum during office hours.
Maintain political neutrality during office hours.
Act in accordance with the policies, orders, rules, regulations, guidelines, etc, of KIK Images (SMC-Private) Limited applicable from time-to-time.
In performance of duties in good faith, communicate information to a person in accordance with the ‘Right to Information Act, 2005’ and the rules made thereunder.
Report to the Personnel In-charge about change in status, marriage, name and change of home address, etc.
Report details in various declaration forms (Home town etc.) with accuracy.
Do not make joint representations in matters of common interest.
Do not be discourteous, dishonest and partial.
Do not associate yourself with any banned organizations.
Do not join any association or demonstration whose objects or activities are prejudicial to the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan, public order or morality.
Do not give expression to views on Indian or foreign affairs, while visiting foreign countries.
Do not get involved in unauthorized communication of any official document or any part thereof or classified information to any persons to whom you are not authorized to communicate such document or classified information.
Do not join or support any illegal activity, otherwise disciplinary action can be taken.
Do not accept lavish or frequent hospitality from any individual, industrial or commercial firms, organizations either foreign or Indian having official dealings with the KIK Images (SMC-Private) Limited.
Do not approach your subordinates for standing surety for loans taken from private sources either by you / your relatives / friends.
Do not undertake private consultancy work during office hours.
Do not bring any political influence in matters pertaining to your service.
Do not consume any intoxicating drinks or drugs while on duty.
Do not indulge in any act of sexual harassment of any woman at workplace.
Do not employ children below 14 years of age.
Do not indulge in habitual absence without permission and overstaying leave.
Do not claim leave as a matter of right.